Art/Book, Book/Art

I am getting really excited for my upcoming artist book production residency at Open Space artist run centre in Victoria, BC. Today I met with Lynda Gammon of flask publishing who is co-sponsoring the project and we talked through some possible outcomes and ways of working. It is amazing to have her guidance and support.

As artist in residence from November 4th until December 13th, I will be working in the gallery space. There will be a process of research, documentation, collaboration and making, taking place for anyone to see. I am looking forward to working through the problem of how the string figure process can be represented in a book form and to seeing how a public presence influences the process.

In preparation for the project I spent last weekend at the Vancouver Book/Art Fair. At the Vancouver Art Gallery people gathered to wander through booths of artist books, dig through piles of discarded art library books and listen to speakers discuss the role of art publishing in all its forms. Of particular interest was the discussion of funding for artist publishing practices (or lack thereof) and of the history of publishing by artist run centres as a form of outreach in a country too big and too regional for personal encounters. All fun and engaging stuff!

If you happen to be in Victoria please pop by to see me and have a chat!IMG_1471.JPG


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