The Fun Begins…

It is an exciting time around here! Things are framed, stretched, touched up and rolled as I get ready for the set-up of my exhibition at Xchanges Gallery. There have been some sleepless nights, waking up in a panic that nothing I have been working on for the last year makes any sense. My inner critic is not very quiet right now but with less than a week until opening night changes are unlikely to be possible. I’m excited to see the work away from the studio, in a clean, fresh space away from the cans of spray glue, shreds of fabric and chunks of foam core that live on my studio floor. Do I have too little work? Do I have too much work? Will it all look interesting together? We will see.

But, before all that, I begin my artist book residency at Open Space on Tuesday. I will be researching, writing, drawing, taking photographs, twisting string, discussing, making and who knows what else. It is very exciting. The goal is to make an edition of ten original, hand made, books and then to consider the possibility of printing a cheaper more accessible document as well. I am looking forward to some dedicated time and space for this project that has been fluttering in the back of my mind for almost two years now.

So that is me right now. A frenzy of activity, nerves and excitement. If you are in Victoria or can make a trip there please come visit me. I will be at Open Space between 12&4 Tuesday to Friday and at Xchanges 12-4 Saturday and Sunday during November. See the invite below for the Xchanges show, more details to come on artist talks and a book launch at Open Space.


‘the horizon of her mind was limited by the mountain’ is a phrase taken from the novel The Cleft by the recently deceased Doris Lessing. It is also the title for Anne J Steves solo exhibition at Xchanges Gallery, Victoria. In a new series of collage and fabric works, Anne examines notions of home as the first metaphorical mountain that we must see beyond. The work in this exhibition grew out of a three month residency in her home country of Wales where she engaged with the Welsh blanket as a symbol of comfort and containment, activism and inertia. Her work continues to explore an ever-changing understanding of the relationship between identity and place, through craft aesthetics.


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