In Residence – Last Day


I am sad to say that my last day as Artist In Residence at Open Space, Victoria, has arrived. It has been incredible. I have had space and time to consider the project as fully as possible. I have had great conversations with those invited and with those popping into the gallery to see what’s going on. My thanks to Helen Marzolf, for granting me this opportunity; Doug Jarvis for putting it all together and talking me through the early stages; Lynda Gammon for her continued support of my practice in every way I can imagine and her publishing expertise through flask; Miles Giesbrecht for his assistance with anything I needed; Jacquelyn Bortolussi for answering my many questions when dealing with office technology and France Trepanier for her continued assistance helping me connect with those I might need to know.

The first print has been run through and it folds into a lovely accordion. With a little editing and a lot of handwork putting together the covers and bindings, I will soon have a small edition of handmade books. The books share this process of working with string figures, through images and threads of memory. I have also created a blog that documents the research, images, conversations and resources from the SPINE project. It is still a work in progress and I hope that anyone out there interested in these forms, will feel free to leave a comment or send me a line so that it will live on as a continuous memory in itself. There will be a book launch in the Spring, so watch this space for further string news.


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