Paper Work

It sometimes amazes me how much of my life is spent shuffling around papers. There is the fun part of course, cutting, pasting, collaging, making but mostly there is filling out forms, photocopying, finding envelopes, printing out more forms and on and on and on.

A huge part of getting any artistic opportunity at all is connecting with people but when that can’t happen in person the paper shuffle begins. You would think that most of this would happen online now, and it does, but I still seem to end up with stacks of paper to go through. I feel so bad when it all has to be sorted and sent off for recycling.

Please excuse my ramblings. I am in the first weeks of a new teaching position, working on my Canadian citizenship, getting a new passport and other documents, applying for more residencies and exhibitions, creating my art book, thinking about taxes and just in general living in a fort of papers that need to be filled out. Come find me I’m crushed!

Got a pen?

P.S. I LOVE PAPER just not so much when it’s 8 1/2 x 11 printer paper


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