Passing Through

I have received a BC Arts Council Project Assistance Grant to work with Gallery G101 in Ottawa on a collaborative, site specific project! Yay!

I will be joining the group ‘Department of Biological Flow‘ on their Channel Surf; a collective canoe trip along the Rideau river system between Kingston and Ottawa. My own project within this action is titled ‘Passing Through’ and considers the phrase as a means of working; the motion of bodies through space, the effect of light on a lens, the process of weaving and sewing, as well as the temporal nature of artist in residence based practices. It hints at the residue that every contact leaves behind, including the traces of language, material and connection that can come from a temporary sharing of a place. 

I am particularly interested in the site of Ottawa, where this event will come to fruition, because of the city’s geographical position, at the site where the Ottawa and Rideau rivers meet, and the influence this geography has had on the cultural growth of Canada. The word ‘Ottawa’ is Algonquin for ‘trading place’ and as the political capital of Canada it is a place of ideological, monetary and power exchange that is directly related to the history of trade between settler and first nations communities. 

I am really excited to be bringing along my hubby, who has much more experience than me being on the water and has promised that, where permitted, he will try and provide some yummy fish for dinner. He is in full research mode for a paddling/fishing adventure which he will document on his blog, Cutthroats Galore, while I focus on the art stuff.

This event will be taking place in June, so keep an eye out and if you are in the Ottawa or Kingston regions come and join us!

 The Canoe



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