Vancouver Island School of Art: Spring and Summer Classes

My final class for this semester’s ‘Fabric Collage: Material and Meaning’ took place last night. It was a small group for the twelve weeks but I am really happy with what was produced especially for last night’s critique. Here are a couple… 

Fern Long


Sherry Saele


In a few weeks, the spring semester will begin with six week courses. I will be teaching Drawing with Thread on Tuesday afternoons and Off Loom Weaving on Thursday evenings. Hopefully we will get some great weather and can move a couple of the classes outdoors and into the sunshine.

Drawing with Thread (MMED s109)


Drawing with Thread is a class dedicated to the power of the line. In this class, we will consider drawing in the widest sense, from creating embroidered images to making a bungee cord installation. Each week, we will look at a different material that could be considered a thread and consider its properties and potential use as a drawing tool. We will look at a variety of artists who push the boundaries of what drawing can be and use their work as a launching pad for drawing experiments. While sewing experience is not required, an interest in using sewing techniques is a must! Tuesdays 2pm – 5pm, May 19 – Jun 30 (no class June 23) 

Off Loom Weaving (MMED s110) 

Off-Loom Weaving is an introductory course on making abstract woven images without using a traditional loom. We will work with what is around us: art materials, found threads and our hands to create 2D textile art works with character. Techniques will include building a structure, choosing materials, using crochet and knotting, adding found materials/objects and choosing a mode of display. We will discuss the role of off loom weaving in feminist art practices, consider the possibilities in contemporary textile work and look into the history of art vs. craft dialogue.Thursdays 6pm – 9pm, May 21 – Jul 2 (no class June 25) 

I will also be instructing a one week, intensive course on Fabric Collage in July, which will be great because I can really solidify the things that worked for students in the class this semester.

Textile Collage Intensive (MMED w210)


In this five-day workshop, we will work with fabric and paper elements to consider surface, shape and line as basic constructs of image-making. Each day, we will consider a different element of collage in contemporary art, from abstract composition to text/image combinations to sculptural assemblage. We will look at these modes of making in relation to the work of contemporary and historical artists, with a focus on those using textiles to blur the line between art and craft. No experience necessary.Jul 13 – 17 Mon-Fri, 10am – 5pm  

Here are few more images of student work from the sculptural side of the semester… 

 Jessica Walker 


Jo Vipond


Ari Martinez Rocha




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