Marimekko: Life, Art and Making

The blending together of art and life is often a strenuous task. At times, art seems beyond life; a constant pull towards something unreachable that butts heads with the day to day tasks of eating, sleeping and gaining that ever elusive dollar. At other times the two are so inextricably linked it seems idiotic to think of doing anything else; my mind being so permanantly filled with images, tasks and ideas that it would be empty without them.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to spend an afternoon with the lovely artists Emily Geen and Megan Dyck. We attended the exhibition of Marimekko textiles currently on view at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. The Marimekko code has always been this attempt to blend art and life; to bring pattern, design, composition and printmaking into the lives of everybody. To make art wearable and washable. I am not always a fan of the fashion in the gallery exhibitions, but this was more than the clothes, in fact the clothes are a sidenote to the act of living through textiles and I only wish there had been more.

Of course this battle to remain a human being while pursuing a life of making, relates directly to my own work and while I can never see myself turning to the factory to blend the two, there is something wonderous in seeing people happy in the making. Pursuing these artist residencies is my attempt to step beyond the studio and engage with those in other places, spaces and careers. It is intimidating at times but also invigorating to create your own community rather than settling for the one given to you…although the one given to me right now is quite lovely. I want to be making work that is accessible at first, involved in an inclusive community of non-artists and artists alike but that continues to be engaging and challenging beyond those first interactions and exchanges. I don’t always succeed. It is a challenge for life but hopefully a beautiful one…yes beauty is always a factor.

Thank you to Emily and Meg for the day out. More cupcakes soon? 

Thanks to Megan Dyck of the blog Trappings for these great pics. Visit her blog here for more pics. I heart patterns!


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