Where do all the Young Workers go?

I have been scrolling through the arts and museum jobs again, wondering whether there is some part time work in my field that will help subsidize this art habit of mine. Once again I am left stunned by the number of positions available for students for the summer and the lack of positions available for anyone else. 90% of the job postings I am finding right now are for returning students. While this is a peculiarity of this time of year when students are spreading their wings for the summer months, the jobs do not appear to come back during the rest of the year for the working population to apply to. Instead the number of job postings just dwindles away.

While I do agree that work experience is valuable to students and I also think it’s great that the government provides grants to these spaces to hire them. I am left pondering, where do all these Young Canadian Workers go? If museums and galleries are able to contract out their excess work to students every summer, what happens to the intro jobs that those same students might need when they finish? There is a flaw in the system here I think. Gaining skills for jobs that no longer exist because you gained those skills. It seems a little silly. 

Am I missing something here?

Am I out at sea? 



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