News from the Island of Anne

Well, what has been going on here?

The Book – The SPINE book project is complete. I had my book launch and artist talk and it is now available through myself, the publishing project flask, or at the Or Gallery bookstore in Vancouver. The tradepaperback version can be purchased from 

The Citizenship – I took my citizenship test and passed with flying unicorns! Next up the ceremony and then I will be officially Canadian eh! With all of the baggage that entails. I will hopefully be able to vote in the next elections which will be my first time voting. Look out for more commentary on people, place, citizenship and belonging.

The Anniversary – This Friday I will have been married to my wonderful Lennie for five whole years. What’s more scary is that we will have been a couple for 14 years this year without a single break up. Call us old fashioned but we’re in it for the long haul. Camping and wine this weekend to celebrate!

The Canoe Trip – I just booked our flights to join a floating residency on the Rideau River system hosted by Department of Biological Flow and Gallery 101 in Ottawa. Titled ‘Channel Surf‘ the project will bring together a group of artists and others to traverse the river in canoes as data packets. I am excited for some collaborative ponderings of Place and Passing Through! Watch this space.

The Class – This week I began teaching my six-week course on Drawing with Thread at Vancouver Island School of Art. It is a lovely group of ladies with a wide range of skills in Drawing and/or Sewing and I get to lead them throug some experiments with thread on a Tuesday afternoon. Still to come is the 5-day Textile Collage Intensive in July.

The Demo – I am also doing a demo for Opus Art Supplies in Victoria on June 7th. It is free but you need to sign up so click the link.

Is that it? Who knows!  


Image of myself and artist Megan Dyck of the blog Trappings in front of work by Ebony Rose at UVIC’s MFA exhibition 2015.


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