Channel Surf: Passing Through

The day has come.

Tonight me and the hubby will be hopping on a plane to Ottawa to join Channel Surf, a collaborative art paddle up the Rideau river system between Kingston and Ottawa.

We will spend a day in Ottawa first and then coach down to Smiths Falls and join the group at their half way point: Lower Beveridges. Then we will be on the water, working together to get where we need to be each day and hopefully make some work along the way. There are a lot of unknowns. How will we get along? Will everyone’s food preferences work out okay? Can I paddle for six days straight? What will we see? How will this set of circumstances become an art piece beyond the experience of doing it? Exciting, yes!

For my own art participation, I am coming armed with a length of string, a pencil, some elastic bands and some safety pins. Each day I will be trying to do something new with these pocket sized materials and documenting the results with my camera before dismantling and moving on. I am embracing the temporary and mobile residence as fully as I can. Len is bringing along his fishing rod, some flies he tied and his waterproofed GoPro camera. Here’s hoping for some fresh fish along the way.

I will update you when possible at camp and promise to have a ton of pics for you when I return. If you happen to be in Ottawa on June 27th pop by Gallery 101 where we will be unravelling our experience in the gallery space. Wish us luck!


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