Arrived in Ottawa

Arrived in Ottawa on the red eye at 5:30am local time. Not a fun time to be flying since you lose 4hrs with the time difference, but a heck of alot cheaper. Both the flight from Victoria to Calgary and the one from Calgary to Ottawa were with Air Canada and proved to be pretty comfy and friendly. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way my bag got lost and so panic ensued for a while. Apparantly it is now on its way and will be delivered to the hotel before we set off on our paddle. Fingers crossed.

Got into Ottawa by cab having lost all patience to figure out public transit once the bag disappearance occured. Cab driver was lovely and told us all about the restaurant he used to own that served breakfast. Dropped off at Elgin Street Diner to stuff our faces and figure out our next move. It is still only 7am.

After some delicious pancakes topped with Maple Syrup and Bananas I was about to fall asleep at the table. Only 8am and the hotel isn’t supposed to check us in until 3pm. We drag the bags out the door and go for a wander in the hopes to either #1 find internet access to see if the hotel has found us a room early (I put some feelers out last week) or #2 find a map so that we can at least be heading in the right direction. The air is surprisingly cool after the heat we have been having in BC this year and wakes us a little.

It is 8:30 am on a Friday in a government town. The streets are filled with stern faced workers power-walking to their offices. We are dawdling half asleep with large bags and do not fit the pace. As it happens we head in the right direction and find our way to the doors of the hotel with very little trouble. Even better the hotel staff at Delta are awesome and find us a room with a king size bed that was free last night and so is ready for us to use. Everyone wants to tell us about their cottage on the Rideau when they hear what we are doing. They also seem confused as to why we would want to come from beautiful BC to canoe on their river. For the adventure of course!

Just woke up. It is almost 3pm. We have tonight in the hotel for a good night sleep and then tomorrow is join the group day. Hopefully my bag gets here tonight because otherwise I am screwed. But hey, the view from the hotel is pretty sweet. 

DSC03199 DSC03201 DSC03204 DSC03205 DSC03206 DSC03209 DSC03211 DSC03214


One thought on “Arrived in Ottawa

  1. The ultra early flights are kind of awkward. Getting up sometime in the middle of the night and arriving so early that you are not allowed to check-in (usually). At least, you got a great hotel which made it possible for you to catch up with some sleep 🙂

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