BC Wildfire Colour Distortion

Today me and the hubby headed to a spot not far from our home but that we had yet to explore. We are trying to make the most of our beautiful island life before heading on the next residency adventure at the Kent Harrison Ranger Station. We  hiked out to Beechey Head in East Sooke Park and it was amazing!

We have been having an unusually hot and dry Spring/Summer here in BC and as a result there are many wildfires burning across the province. The smoke from these fires has made its way to us on Southern Vancouver Island and turned the skies a shade of sinister gold today. There was a haze of smoke all day that actually cut the temperature a little and made for really lovely photography conditions. I hope you enjoy these images but please think of how awful it must be for the people and animals threatened by the fires. Don’t drop cigarettes, light campfires or leave your car with a hot exhaust near long grasses. While natural fires can be rejuvenating in nature those caused by folly can quickly burn out of control and hurt many.

DSC03520 DSC03521 DSC03537 DSC03548 DSC03550 DSC03562 DSC03569 DSC03570 DSC03573 DSC03586 DSC03594 DSC03599 DSC03602 DSC03604 DSC03608 DSC03611

ps. None of these images have been colour enhanced only lightened where needed to reveal detail. This is natural light as it breaks through the smoke. All images were shot on a Sony RX100, the best little compact around.


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