Funding for my Flights of Fancy

As you all know (or those of you that read regularly anyway) I have had a pretty good run of artistic luck over the past year and a half. I have been spreading my wings in new communities and making work that I could never have predicted because it has grown out of each of the sites I have visited. I am excited by the new directions that have been developing for me and the next step is a one year residency in the small town of Harrison Hot Springs.

BUT, all of this flying around making commercially unviable art has me increasingly broke. Each event has gifted me with a small fee or granted a part of the experience for free but has in no way covered the entire cost. I am lucky, I have a hubby who works hard each week to pay our bills and so my focus has been to make just enough to keep paying for materials and travel but even this can be a burden and I often feel guilty for lumping him with the heavy load. I received a small grant to go on the canoe trip to Ontario, worked as an instructor at Vancouver Island School of Art while making my book and had help through an Indiegogo campaign to pay for my flight to Wales. The problem is that I never know where this money will come from. It is a constant nagging that grows when an event is coming up. Right now it is a screaming banshee and grant season is still months away.

I am wondering if anyone can think of alternate ways for me to pay for my residency flights of fancy? The harrison residency will have some workshops for me to direct and I have approached an arts council about instructing a class for them in the New Year. Do you know of any grants, arts resources, successful places to sell small art pieces etc?DSC03214


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