Selling Art at saatchiart

I am trying my hand at putting a few art pieces up for sale on Saatchi Art. This is an on-line gallery space with the capability to sell originals or prints of your work. I have had a few things on their site before but not for sale, so we will see how it goes. My hope is to release a new original work every week or so while I am in residence at the Kent Harrison Ranger Station. In addition to my project for the exhibition there next June, I want to get accustomed to making some fast collage works using found materials. These will be compositional studies and a place to think through the connection between textiles and memory, they will also be for sale.

For now, I have available here

a couple of copies of my limited edition artist book


two of my collage works from the “A Place Called Home” series on plexiglass


and for the first time I am releasing non-editioned prints (on canvas or paper) of my “Fear Makes The Wolf Bigger Than He Is” series


Please pop by, take a look and keep checking for new pieces. Support an artist!


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