Post #2 from Kent Harrison Ranger Station

It is the weekend again. Where has the time flown?

This week has been pretty busy with learning new things.

I took myself into Agassiz for a trip to the thrift store. This will be a weekly event as I try to keep my productivity up by sourcing out new and exciting materials regularly. I found a wool? shirt with pictures of hunters on it that looks like it could have been worn as a night shirt, and a quilted kimono style jacket that may just become a part of my wardrobe.

In the studio things are finally looking like a work space. Chicken wire has been stretched across a large canvas stretcher frame, old newspapers have been cut up as I try to keep up with my bi-weekly production of collages, and the found fabric from that wool shirt is being cut up, hung and played with.

For the Ranger Station Gallery I have been busy figuring out how to make the posters for our new exhibition next weekend. Eden Veaudry is an interdisciplinary artist from Vancouver and will be showing a selection of drawn book works and working at the intersection between mark making and sound. She will have a drop-in drawing session running at the gallery on Saturday and so next weekend looks like a full and fun time.

There have been board meetings and interviews and all sorts going on. Plus my work is now up in the Salt Spring National Art Prize Exhibition which I am really excited to see but couldn’t make it for the opening event. Phew! I’m tired just thinking about this past few weeks.

So for you I have a sneak peek at the studio as it sits right now in all its what is yet to come glory!


and also my newest collage which is now available for sale on saatchiart.


Every two weeks I will be releasing a new collage from my time here at the Kent Harrison Ranger Station. I have made each one available as prints as well as the original with fine art prints starting at $55! If you’d like to support an artist consider giving one as a gift for a loved one or be kind to yourself. I know it would certainly be a gift to me! Prints will only be available for a year while I am in residence, I don’t normally offer them but I’m hoping that they will help with my living costs while in residence. That means that their numbers will be limited to the number sold until that date.

And finally, to keep you going until next week, here is the lovely view from the gallery as it looked a couple of nights ago.



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