Working through Windstorms: AIR #6

It has been a wild few weeks weather wise.

Harrison Lake was whipped up by a massive windstorm and drenched by constant rain for a week or so and has now settled into the icy grip of some arctic winds. I have been very glad  that the roof was replaced in September and the furnace in this old building works well. The problem with winter storms is that they make me lazy… actually that could be winter in general with those short, dark days. Rather than using the impossibility of outdoor activity to my advantage and buckling down in the studio, all I have wanted to do is hide under several blankets and watch Netflix.

What I did manage to do was get my grant applications out of the way. I snuggled up with hot tea and a quilt and hammered out two artist grant applications on the laptop; sorting through a million images from the past year to find the ones that represent my work the best. Updating my CV made me realize just how busy this past year has been and now I feel a little less guilty for being tired all the time despite having expanses of studio time available to me.

The studio is a bit of a mess to be honest. As you know, I was working at a pretty quick pace for the first couple of months but when I stepped back and looked at what had been accomplished I wasn’t seeing anything cohesive. This is not unusual for me but it is a frustrating moment and when the weather is gloomy can lead to some wallowing in self doubt. Actually, working on the grant applications helped at this moment as I had to return to my original proposal and clarify what I had set out to do in the first place. I think that a direction is forming again now and with a bit of work I will soon be back on track.

So maybe that wild weather was a good thing. It blew all the clutter away and left something clear in its place…until next time the clutter collects.

DSC04524 DSC04526

The latest collage finished a couple of weeks ago. Things are changing so expect more text and textile, less imagery, in future collages!




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