AIR Post #7: Birds and Bleak Winter

In an attempt to get out and about during these bleak winter days, the hubby and I took a drive out to Morris Lake. Only about half an hour away, this little lake was a frequent fishing spot for Len when he was a kid but I had never been. The clouds on this day were particularly stunning as they hung close to the mountain side and low in the valleys. The sunlight hit them from above and made them and the snow glow with a strange warmth.

Our drive took us over Harrison River where tons of bald eagles were sitting in the trees above the wetlands. Outside of the car all that could be heard was bird song…well maybe more like chatter. Ducks, geese, seagulls and eagles seem to make more of a chatter than those little songbirds, as they screech and laugh at one another. Despite the drizzle of rain it was quite spectacular.

In the studio I have been battling with bedsheets, which seems appropriate since the desire to hibernate is strong on these dark, damp days. I am using printed sheets found at the thrift store as a painting surface and trying to find a balance between the printed pattern, painted surface, application of collaged textiles and the addition of wool, thread and string by piercing the stretched surface. It is something that was begun in my work “the horizon of her mind was limited by the mountain” and that I am returning to with the luxury of a large studio space. I am also embroidering some of the texts I have sourced from the community into my found materials from the thrift store and am doing so weekly in the gallery space during quiet times. These will eventually be photographed as well as quilted together…unless I change my mind hehehe.

Enjoy the pics!


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