Anne’s festive decorating

This year as artist in residence at the Ranger Station Gallery for the Kent Harrison Arts Council, I had the pleasure of helping festival staffer Liz with decorating the gallery. We went with something simple so as not to take over the art and created star streamers and simple boughs for the windows made from windstorm destroyed branches.

Liz made stars by backing two pages of sheet music together and cutting out, thereby fitting the festival’s dedication to music. My contributions entailed cutting out cardboard stars of different sizes and spray gluing contrasting fabric to either side, cutting them out carefully with an xacto knife afterwards. They are strung together with fishing line at different heights and hung from wall to wall.



I have also begun my xmas present wrapping. As usual, I am refusing to buy wrapping paper so this year’s wrapping is brown paper and string. We have a theme of Memory this year in my family for our gift giving, so the old school parcel look seems appropriate. To add a festive touch I am adding a red leaf from a discarded plastic poinsettia plant to each gift. Happy wrapping!




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