2016: a new year as a new citizen

Since I last took a moment to write here I became a Canadian citizen, enjoyed the chaos of christmas and a new year has arrived. I know that one thing I have said in many of my posts this year is “I have been crazy busy” or some variation of this phrase. And 2015 was both of those things; crazy and busy. The hubby changed jobs several times this year, partly because of migraines, partly because of my art practice and partly just because life deals you lemons sometimes. I worked as an instructor, released my artist book, went on an art canoe journey with a group of fabulous people for Channel Surf, attended a wedding in Ontario, watched my little sister get married closer to home, got featured in the Salt Spring National Art Prize, moved our life to Harrison Hot Springs for a year long artist residency and became a Canadian. I think as a couple me and Len are stronger from all the trials and triumphs but our bank account most certainly is not. So as I said 2015 has been busy and crazy.

In 2016 I am hoping for continued progress in my art and work life, a bit of a breather on moving around, some increase in our financial security and the same love, loyalty and support from my friends, family and of course my dear Lennie.

What about you?

Some of my fave memories from 2015



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