AIR post #9 – Plans for 2016

I have already been in residence here at the Ranger Station for 4 months!

Right now I have been given a little time away from sitting the gallery on the weekends as we are closed on Saturday and Sunday for the winter months. This means more time for the studio and I have been doing pretty well since the holiday season at buckling down to some work. I think I have a format that is working for me as I am creating a series of text works in different materials and sourced from different modes of communication but all kept in the same size. At the gallery I have had a dropbox with a series of questions posted for visitors to respond to. These responses are slowly being embroidered into found materials from the thrift store and range from funny to heartbreaking. In addition to these I am writing a description each day of my surroundings and painting them as text landscapes. The stack of work is getting bigger every day and I am looking forward to May when I will sift through all this labour and give them an order and hopefully some new meaning.

Of course, there has also been time for a few wanderings including a picnic in the snow at Manning Park. The whiskey jacks came out and ate popcorn from our hands as we enjoyed salmon sandwiches in a winter wonderland. Getting out into the mountains certainly helps bring back some energy during these grey winter days.

So what’s next? I am planning an Open Studio at the beginning of March to show the community what I am up to and what it looks like in the studio space. Then hopefully a community collage workshop during Spring Break. My exhibition will be in June and before that I would like to fit in some time to work on my embroidery and text works in public; I am thinking of the library and the museum as well as outdoors. Finally sometime in the summer I want to do a Collagraph printing workshop which involves making textured collage works and then creating simple prints from them. So, lots to do!





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