AIR post #10: The Work (Space)

Lots of pictures for you today as I realise that I have shared very little recently of what I am actually doing up here in Harrison. The landscape is always so stunning it is easy to post a million pictures of the area and not one of my still fragile sense of the work I am about.

I have been collecting partial narratives; overheard conversations, answers to my questions posted in the gallery, written observations of the landscape, my own internal dialogue of bodily experience. These are being paired in different ways with found and donated textiles. I am calling the works collectively ‘the secret history of soft things’. Soft Things referencing bodies, clothing, furnishings, natural elements in a state of flux and a history of art works that have sat at the boundary between art and craft since the 1960s.

Recently I have been looking at the combination of text and image in the diaries of Frida Kahlo, gouache drawings of Andrea Zittel and textile works of Louise Bourgeois…as well as traditional embroidery and a long list of my favourite artists who have at some point or another given a voice to our relationship with textiles in the landscape.

Any feedback would be great! I am planning an Open Studio for the evening of March 1st, so if you are in the area save the date.

TEXT(ILE) DRAWINGS/COLLAGES – I am making about 3 of these each week, although right now I have run out of paper. Each day I jot down a simple observation of my surroundings and then pick which ones to work with. My hope is to have around 100 by the end of my stay here to be shown as a book work.


WORKING IN THE STUDIO – I have developed some comforts against the cold in the studio with an extra heater and a chunk of carpet donated by family. Anyone who has seen me work knows that I like to spend time on the floor fiddling with things. There are a few works there that are yet to find their voice and so have no content only a vague materiality.


RESEARCH – I keep a lot of books open around the studio for something to grasp onto when despair tries to creep in….or just to read.




TEXT IN TEXTILES – There is working with text on a surface through painting or print (although the watercolours soak in and bond in a unique way) nd then there is text in and through a surface as with embroidery. The thread becomes a part of its identity.




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