AIR #15: Three Weeks to Blast-off…I mean exhibition

There are only three weeks remaining until my exhibition opens at the Ranger Station Gallery. I honestly can’t believe that almost 9 months has passed since we arrived here. The work is finally all coming together and I am excited to see it up after watching every month a new exhibition coming and going. It is a nervous time as I hope that the community enjoys the work as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. Not that there haven’t been moments of excruciating self doubt and desire to throw everything out the window and into the cold lake below.

I had every intention to maintain this blog religiously throughout the residency but that has been a failure in will and energy the past couple of months. A quick run-through of events around here…

  • Working on the exhibition pieces I discovered that creating soft frames could resolve many issues I was having with displaying works that straddle art and craft.
  • I am in love with the shifting surface colours of the lake especially as Spring brought so many changes in weather and atmosphere from day to day.
  • Workshop planning is all well and good but it is difficult to judge if you will be overrun with people or left sitting alone…I must figure some of this out.
  • Me and Len (with much help from my mum in law) have bought a little house in Cumberland on Vancouver Island  which we will be moving into after completing this residency. It is not something we ever thought would happen but we are really excited! It has been stressful though and I have no clue why my parents repeatedly moved houses when we first moved to Canada…they must be nuts.
  • My Textile Collage course will be offered in the Continuing Studies catalogue at North Island College this fall. If you live in the area please sign up and welcome me to my new home.
  • I attended the 2016 ArtsBC Conference on Granville Island courtesy of the Kent Harrison Arts Council. The theme this year was PlaceMaking and it was an outstanding opportunity to listen to people excited by their work in arts and heritage and to connect with arts councils around the province. Thank you to the board!
  • Working with the Agassiz Centre for Education has been really interesting so far and I am excited to invite them to my exhibition and to come and do some art projects in the studio this June.

Okay, I think that has you somewhat up to date. This Friday (May 20th) I will be at the Agassiz Public Library between 11 and 1pm finishing off some embroidery and inviting more additions to my Community Word Sail. I am looking forward to being surrounded by books while words are added to my project. If you live around here please pop on by and say hello.

I will write again before the show ( I promise) but until then, here is the poster! Hope to see you there!



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