AIR #17 -the soft truth opening

Last weekend was the opening of my much awaited show at the Ranger Station Gallery. I was incredibly nervous to see everybody’s reaction to the works I have fiddled, prodded and labored over for the past 9 months…my babies had come to term and now they are leashed upon the world. Here at Harrison Hot Springs it was 33 degrees last Sunday and so the opening was a sweltering one. Lots of old friends came out and it was so nice to see their friendly faces along with those of the local art lovers who I have come to know during my stay. I hope you enjoy the pictures of the show and if you live close by pop in to see them for yourself. My work is quite tactile and needs to be experienced as well as seen.

More images can be seen on my website at

Many thanks to the Kent Harrison Arts Council for their kindness and support and to the BC Arts Council for their financial assistance.



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