AIR Post #18 – Artist Talking tonight

22Tonight I am putting on an artist talk at the Ranger Station Gallery at 7pm. My show has been up for three weeks now and it is a chance to talk to the community about it and show them previous projects that got me to where I am. It has been interesting gathering my images together from the last two years of residency projects and seeing where the themes are running through and how each one differs depending on the place it was made in response to. I often feel as though it is difficult to get to grips with my work as a whole because of the many approaches and materials I use, but there are patterns emerging which just take time to develop into an overarching theme. Four years out of grad school (where did that time go?) I am excited by the direction things are going.

P.S. I am heartbroken that my homecountry, Wales, voted out of the EU. However, I will use this disappointment to fuel my continued love affair with my new citizenship in Canada and to make more work dealing with themes of place.

P.P.S. This time next week we will have our new house in Cumberland, BC and while I can’t be there full time until September I am excited to get in and decorating and finally hanging all the amazing art I have collected in swaps over the years.




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