AIR Post #19: New Work in the Stinky Heat

Hi All,

This summer is whizzing by and I will be leaving the residency space in less than a month.

It has been a busy July.

Me and the hubby just bought our first home on Vancouver Island in the village of Cumberland. We had a fab visit to claim our keys at the end of June and I am excited to get over there, start decorating and finally put up some of that art work I have art-swapped for over the years.

The Harrison Festival of the Arts took place in mid-July and we saw some fabulous musicians. Stand out for me was the Jaime Stone Lomax Project, The Young’uns and Elage Diouf who had everyone dancing through a thunderstorm.

I have also painted a fun abstract mural for my sister and the soon to be niece/nephew…she didn’t want cutesy so we went for this mountain scene instead


and through all that the weather remained pretty cool for July after an early blast of heatwaves in the Spring. But the past few days have been stinking hot again and I am hiding out in the studio so as not to burn. My tester for a new piece on removable wallpaper came back yesterday and I am pretty excited at the possibilities of these’portals’…

So that is me and my summer so far. I will squeeze in one last post in August before I move on with details from my wire weaving workshop and art/book sale.



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