AIR Post #20 : Final Week

This is my final week as artist in residence for the Kent Harrison Arts Council. This time next week we will be collecting our truck so that it can be loaded up and driven off into the sunrise on Wednesday morning. Really, where did a year go?

I am in a strange mood. Both excited to finally be in our new home in Cumberland and starting a new life and a new art project, and melancholy on the side of sadness for the loss of this wonderful space and the people I have met here. Of course, I will be in touch with many of my new friends (for that is what you are) but it seems like we only just met and I already must say goodbye. As for the lakeside studio, I think that view is forever etched into my brain and that when I close my eyes at the end of my life it may be what springs to mind.

I was spoilt with a lovely dinner with the arts council and other friends on the weekend and can’t thank them enough for their kindness and support. It is a special community of people that keeps the arts alive in this little paradise. I am still in awe at how much is accomplished by volunteers who are dedicated beyond those who get paid for the same thing. I have learnt a lot, and will be taking these lessons with me.

I am waxing romantic a little but it hasn’t all been easy. I will admit to feeling lost at times and frustrated and maybe a little lonely but that has been part of the process and has expanded what I think of my practice and my abilities. I feel more confident in what I want for the future and how I will have to change to get there. That is a great thing.

To everyone I have encountered this past year thank you for being a part of my growth and story. I hope you will come on up to the studio above the gallery on Friday evening to say goodbye. The back door will be open between 4 and 8pm. I will have old books and art pieces for sale that can no longer travel with me and a drink ready for you.



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