New Home, New Opportunities

Hello from Cumberland, BC

We are now settling into our new home halfway up the East Coast of Vancouver Island in the little village of Cumberland. It is a funny place with local characters, lots of history and heritage houses. I am having great fun being able to walk to the post office, library, bakery and hairdressers. (finally got a great haircut after leaving it grow wild for my year at the Ranger Station) and have been decorating and unpacking boxes to make this little house into a home. It is the first time we have owned a place and the first time I have moved without a definite plan in place. This has had me chewing my lip but in the past few weeks a few opportunities have popped up out of earlier applications and proposals.

This week my work from the soft truth show titled ‘an end where a beginning had been’ is being featured with 11 other artists at Winsor Gallery in Vancouver for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series. The reception is Wednesday evening and so I will be there drinking cocktails!

Upcoming in October is the possibility of teaching a Textile Collage course at North Island Collage in their Continuing Studies department. Hopefully enough people will sign up to get that gig up and running allowing me to meet some local art lovers. I have also just been offered a chance to go to The Handmade Assembly conference in New Brunswick. I have never been to the province and so am very excited to talk about my work with string figures there!

I have big plans for starting some new work with felt cut outs that has me daydreaming about my childhood playing with fuzzy felt. As soon as the house is a little more settled I will be knuckling down to some new making that I hope will help connect me to this place too.

So that is me right now. I promise more pics in future posts.


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