January 2017 – No Longer Absent

I have been absent for a while. I needed a break. 2016 was exhausting and by the time we watched from cozy Canada as Trump became president of the USA, I was done. Looking back there were some great moments in 2016 but for the past couple of months I was unable to see through the fog. So here we are in a new year and I think  hope that none of us are as absent as we were before. The world is changing, for better or worse, and we are here to witness it.

In my new non-absence, I want to reflect on what I accomplished or witnessed in my own life last year and carry the good things forward with me. 

  • The Kent Harrison Arts Council Residency at the Ranger Station Gallery gave me so much. I was able to have my hubby with me in an art venture, work in a new community where I really had to define what I was doing and draw upon their input and have an amazing studio space by the lake. It wasn’t always easy; maintaining an art presence throughout the year and being self motivated to get a full exhibition together in 9 months has its challenges but it was worth it. AND, I got a decent BC Arts Council Grant for my work there too.
  • Jobs were a blessing and challenge in 2016. The company my dad worked for shut its doors and left my parents in a dilemma. Len got a job offer on the island in April that had us reconsidering our options for the future and him travelling back and fore between Harrison and the Comox Valley all summer. Once we arrived on the island in September my own search began to find something part time with flexibility to continue my art practice. I am currently working at a women’s shoe store in Courtenay, BC.
  • We moved into our own place in the village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island. It is awesome! The village has almost everything we need in walking distance including the brewery 😉 and is as unpretentious as it gets. Plus the mountains and lake sit above town and the ocean is 10 minutes away in the other direction.
  • There were several health incidents with family members this past year. My great-aunt Em passed away and we will miss her always. My very elderly grandmother is struggling on despite her cancer diagnosis. However, everyone else is mostly okay now. Yay!
  • My little neice Libby was born and is just delicious! Can’t wait to be a bad crazy influence in her life.
  • Attending ‘A Handmade Assembly’ in New Brunswick, putting up my Soft Truth exhibition, going to the ArtsBC conference in Vancouver, being featured on the Gynocratic Gallery website, these things have made my artist life pretty rich and fulfilling. 

So 2017, beat that! 


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