February 2017 – Miss d.Rifter

Say hello to Miss d.Rifter.

She is a character I am creating who will hopefully mediate many future projects in lots of new places.

I have used anonymous figures in my work before, bodies who wear the places I have been and perform where I feel I cannot, and she has grown out of this process but this time has a name (a powerful thing in itself).

She is interested in the things that are left behind in this constantly shifting world. The words overheard, the debris dropped, the marks made, the materials no longer wanted. She is a collector but also lives in motion and so her belongings are transportable, the things she loves are small and carried close to the heart, her art making tools are light but carry heavy meaning. Crafts are her connection to communities.

Oh and pink lipstick is definitely an essential even in the woods!

On these snowy, house-bound days, I am looking forward to her potential and enjoying splashing some paint around.

Until next time!




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