March 2017 – a calgary visit

This month I had the pleasure of visiting Calgary, Alberta. Yes, in March.

It was pretty cold (-16) and I was nervous that my asthma would cause problems but it turns out that the crisp, cold air felt great on the lungs and a little bit of reflected sunshine was refreshing after our heavy winter here on Vancouver Island.

I was invited by a dear friend of mine, artist and instructor Megan Dyck, to provide an artist talk at the Alberta College of Art and Design. I met some wonderful people there and had the support of textile collective, Contextural to cover my travel costs. Thanks to all!

While in Alberta we couldn’t miss a drive to the Banff National Park, making use of the Canada 150 free park pass. It was a gorgeous day with big skies and even bigger mountains. A highlight was walking out onto a frozen Lake Louise and watching people skating and playing hockey on the lake. Such a vision of Canadiana!

One of the greatest things about life as an artist are the opportunities to travel for work and to get to know people around the world. Money may always be tight but my life is anything but boring.

Enjoy the pics!


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