April 2017 – Coming Up Soon

I am super duper excited and honoured to have been invited to be one of six makers-in-residence for the 1st Canadian Craft Biennial in Burlington, Ontario this coming September! This is a series of conferences, exhibitions and events dedicated to Craft in Canada and I get to be there for 10 days making and speaking about the theme of craft. I didn’t think I would get this one as my work definitely sits on the shifty borders between art, craft and ephemeral making, but that just makes me even more excited as the organizers are obviously approaching the term ‘craft’ with openness. I can’t wait to meet the other makers and writers. 

I will also be spending a week in August on Newcastle Island in BC with some of the incredible artist people who hosted the canoe journey, Channel Surf, that I participated in a couple of years back. Under the title Murmur Land Studios these fabulous makers and thinkers have created a series of residency type experiences in diverse landscapes over the next couple of years. 

For now I am writing away for grants to try and work on a new project. A little boring but worth it with these fab things coming up soon.


soft truth of the day – I AM STILL IN MY PJS


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