July 2017 – Re-visiting old work

I have been putting together some applications and updating my website (http://annejsteves.myportfolio.com) recently and find myself repeatedly getting stuck at the date of completion question. I am never entirely sure a work is done and that I won’t revisit it 5 years, 5 months, 5 minutes from now. Even this past week I have been fiddling with some works from 2014, making them exciting to myself again and perhaps applicable to the direction my work is headed. I know that some artists would never touch a work that has been exhibited and placed on their website as complete. For me it comes down to why repeat the labour when there is perfectly good material lying around the studio? Or, why stubbornly insist something is done when you can see potential for change? Sometimes the changes affect the meaning of the work, sometimes it fixes a hanging problem and sometimes it just falls apart altogether in the process and I have to face my own failure and loss. I guess if museums and commercial galleries were involved in my practice there may be bureaucratic problems with editing work but I don’t have those issues so I will keep embracing change! Any tips on what to do with those dates though?

Here are just a few pieces that have been renegotiated…for better or worse.


05. the horizon of her mind is limited by the mountain







labour on


08. hanging onto the apron strings (labour on)_annesteves


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